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Bridging industrial businesses into the future

Together with our partners we transform engineering, manufacturing and asset/fleet management operations and bridge them into the future. We focus on maximizing return-on-asset/investment through innovation and with a digital-first strategy.

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How we help our clients/partners

Drawing from various fields like technology, engineering, user experience design and business strategy you can count on a dynamic and high-powered force to join you in pursuit of your goals. With our finger on the pulse of technology and rooted in complex industries we can interconnect your systems, generate insights, save time & costs, and help you do much more.

Innovation Strategy

We generate actionable insights and strategies, leveraging current pockets of opportunity and long-term vision to further innovation in your business in the near and long term.

Architecture & Design

We connect the dots between people, operations and technology and co-design the best path forward with you to meet adoption and growth targets.

System Integration

Acting as an extension of your team and operating on the highest standards, we will implement, guide and iteratively adapt solutions to the changing needs of the business.

AR-enabled field work

Invest into a connected workforce and deliver critical information like sensor data and work history right into the hands of your engineers, maintenance and production teams with industrial AR glasses. Remote Support can guide through complex procedures and ensure more accurate work execution. Recordings can serve as compliance and training materials to potentially shorten skill gaps for new workers.

Maintenance Task and Sensor Data (IoT) are easily accessed for effective work.

Embedded Asset and Equipment Visuals

We make engineering plans and models quickly accessible and enable faster and better decision-making on the desk and in the field. Resources can be accessed via a simple scan of QR codes, RFID or similar sensors and linked within our EAM solution for on-demand access or during task workflows.

Access fully interactive models with scalable visualization options and on-screen information

Interactive 360° Tours

Interactive and high-resolution captures of asset fleets and factories enable more effective operations from maintenance and compliance teams to commercial and others. Capture process can be executed across build and construction phases for viewing build groups/systems and embed these into commissioning, training and support workflows.

Fully interactive and integratable with EAM. Easily access building plans, manuals, 3D data of parts and more.

Our Technology Ecosystem

We only invest in proven, performant and scalable technology stacks

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